Say Hello to My New Friend, “Eve”


It’s been 4 years since I bought my old white MacBook (It’s was my first Mac ever), and I thought it’s finally time to move forward.

So I bought a new MacBookPro! 2011 February released, Intel Quad-core i7 2.0MHz, Refurbished model. I can’t tell how much excited I am!

I was so excited and gave her a name. it’s “Eve”. took from the Pixar movie “Wall-E”.

I’m looking forward to the journey I’ll have with her for next few years. Let’s make a history together Eve!

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It’s my 30th birthday!! :D


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My best friend’s birthday present for me! :D


Taken at ???????????? ?????????

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Gingerbread House Making


My friend/boss Lance invited me to his annual gingerbread house making family event! It was the first time in my life and had so much fun!

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I got the new Apple TV!

Again, I got something that another people don’t have here in Korea.
(previously it was the iPad. )

It’s really tiny than I thought. And beautiful. I gotta see how good
it is when it’s actually connected to TV. 🙂

Thank you YoungDoo for getting this for me!


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The Valley : How Silicon Valley Became A Startup Paradise

This is the video I took on May 2010, when I traveled around United States.

I visited as many startups as I can in Silicon Valley, and interviewed people who work there.

I’m very inspired by the people there, and the atmosphere of the startup industry. Thanks to all the people who gladly allowed my interview.

And I hope all of you enjoy this film.


  • Jia Shen (Co-founder, RockYou) – @mekatek
  • Mickey Kim (Google. Now he changed his position to Head of Google TV Partnership Asia Pacific.) – @mickeyk
  • Robin Sloan (Media Partnerships, Twitter) – @robinsloan
  • John Yamasaki (Director of Community and Partnerships, Seesmic) – @jyamasaki
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Memories of New York in Music

When I was traveling New York one and half month ago, I was??intentionally??listening Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' and Jay-Z's 'Empire State of Mind' through the whole days of traveling to keep the memories of New York in the music. But right after I got back, it was not that effective maybe because the excitement was still left.

However today, I was listening to shuffle playing of my iPhone, and??accidentally listened to the 'New York, New York' after over a month. And at the moment the first melody started, the whole memories in New York have been just passed through my head like a flash. It was really an amazing experience. if you see the TV show Lost, there were scenes that the characters recalled their memories (not exactly memories though) and dropped a tear over. It was just like that. It was so emotionally intense so that I almost wept.

If you planning to travel around, I recommend to use my way to keep the memories.
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